Prayers for October

Have you ever noticed the incredible power of prayer. We have. In raw and humbling ways.

Whether we have been down on our knees in desperation


in casual conversation with the One we call Dad

God always seems to take care of our needs.

Recently we have had 3 amazing answers to prayer in our lives.

First, our house sold. Second, someone anonymously donated 15,000 dollars toward the short fall on our house (without knowing that was the exact amount of the short fall). Third, a second anonymous donor gave each pastor here $1,000 for pastor appreciation month.

I love how God has used answered prayer in our lives to teach us to trust Him when and wherever He calls us. Even when it makes no sense to the world, even in a bad housing market, even when we are leaving behind the best friends we have ever made. God's always sees the big picture even when it seems I have tunnel vision. How I wish I could always trust Him fully....with every detail.

So I have decided to share some prayer requests with you (anyone who might still be reading this) because I know how God can work when we only ask.

-We are on an ongoing search for the "perfect" apartment. "Perfect" meaning it needs to have washer/dryer hookups, at least 2 bedrooms, not smell like 4 dogs lived there previously, be semi clean before the showing, and preferable have a dishwasher (I know this is stretching it, we may end up buying a portable one). Sadly we found our dream apartment, but they passed on us after finding out we had a second child on the way.

-We miss our friends! Terribly. We aren't ready for the whole "looking for new friends again" thing. We were so happy with our friends in South Dakota and now we are definitely starting back at ground zero. There are a ton of people our parent's age who we are friends and acquaintances with, but no one our own age. No one to just hang out with. We have also found this aspect of our lives hard to move forward in because we are living with our parents. It's kind of hard to invite friends over to your parent's house. :) So pray that we would find some godly couples to build relationships with.

-Personal requests, including discipline for myself. My pregnancy is going pretty well, but I am still very nauseous. My job is going well, but it is overwhelming at times.

Thanks to anyone who reads this!


Sara said...

Ahhh, well......lots to be thankful for indeed. Les and I moved 7 times in 7 years and it is super hard to get re-adjusted for sure...we understand this well. We definately understand the "Friend" issue...we still struggle with that more than you may know, but it will happen for you soon...hang in there! Has anyone there heard your amazing voice yet? That should surely bring you mucho friendship....hee hee. I had to add a "Funny", of course. Sing for friendship....LOL LOL LOL LOL

ChristaD said...


Its been awhile, and my life has been super crazy as of late. But I just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. All will work out in due time. I am glad to hear things are going well with your pregnancy and job. Keep persevering and God will provide.

Love you Hun!

Lj Blackwell said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy and on the fact that you have one cutie pie little son.
May God keep blessing you.