18 months!

Elijah, you are turning into such a little boy. Everyday you are losing more and more of your babyness. You surprise us with new words, expressions, and abilities. At eighteen months you are saying, Momma, Dadda, Da (dog), Ruff Ruff, Coo Coo, More, Mine, Bye, Hi, Da (there), Go, Kuh (yuck), Tss (hot), and Shh. Some words you don't say completely but we always know what you mean. Your favorite things are playing ball, reading books, being with Daddy, playing hide and seek, babbling, practicing buttons and buckles, and most of all exploring outside.

You can already go down the slide completely by yourself, which took me by surprise. My favorite thing you do is give kisses. It is the best when you just cuddle right up to me or Daddy and go in for a kiss. We love you so much and can't wait to see the man you are turning into. I cherish these moments when I can still call you my baby (though forever that is what you will be). I love tucking you in at night and singing your goodnight song. You bring more joy into our lives than you can ever know. Soon you will be a big brother, just 18 weeks away. We are overjoyed to be on this journey with you little buddy!


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Sara said...

ahhhh. how sweet to read this post and see the adorable pictures. Hope you are enjoying your new journey day by day. Take care. Hello to Ryan as well.