Our Merry Little Christmas

Christmas has been a whirlwind here in South Dakota. We had our first celebration the week before Christmas in Wisconsin, we celebrated here Christmas day, and in a few weeks we are flying out to Pennsylvania for our celebration with Ryan's family.

We made a commitment to not make presents the focus of our Christmas this year. I gave Ryan a scarf and some boxers and he gave me some pj's and my favorite professional hair care product. It's funny how Christmas can feel so meaningful even when you don't spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on things that you don't really need or sometimes even want. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a good present!! Christmas shopping is actually one of my favorite things to do....God is just teaching me simplicity this year.

All Elijah really wanted for Christmas was a tag.

Today we got a surprise package from Ryan's Uncle Jimmer and Aunt Lisa with lots of presents for Elijah. He had a lot of fun with the wrapping paper and boxes!

Videos of Elijah this Christmas...

Wild Man from Amanda Brosious on Vimeo.

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