Our amazing mothers and grandmothers

My mother-in-law (love)

She sacrificially watches our babies two days a week. It is amazing not having to pay for daycare, but even more amazing to know they are in a wonderful home with someone who is devoted to showing them love and affection. We will never be able to repay her for this gift!

Ryan's Grandma, Nan and our honorary Grandma, Chris

My paternal grandmother and Elijah's Great Great Wyse

My mom's mom

We have been so blessed to have wonderful Godly examples of mothers in our lives. They all love the Lord and wholeheartedly serve their families. Just two of many reasons they are amazing mothers. Thank you God for blessing us so richly with these women in our lives. May I continue to grow in You so that I can live up to the legacy they are leaving behind.

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