If you haven't already please vote for your favorite girls name for our little bunny. As you can tell we try to steer clear of names in the top 10. We like something different but relatively easy to pronounce and not confused easily with other names. We also like to consider the meaning or heritage of the name. Here are some of the meanings.

Jessa- God Beholds
Elliot- My God is the Lord
Reese- Enthusiasm
Raegan- Noble
Bella- Beauty


Sara said...

ok...very cute names, but I just can't pick one. Several remind me of "other things/people", so I won't say, but you can't really go wrong. I'm not sure about Elliot for a girl name, but it's catchy and fun. Call her Elle, perhaps? I would proably go with Jessa or perhaps, Sara? LOL. I had a friend named Joelle, and I just love that name too. No matter what, she will fit the name you choose indeed. So fun to think about, I know. Maddie says "hi" and she wants to know where you are..and when are you coming back....LOL

Elisheba_Amalia said...

Bella, Bella, Bella.......such a beautiful name.

Ella-Bella said...

I'd go for Bella (fits to ella :O)) or Reese. :O)

Katherine said...

Great names! I have to say, if you're going for original, than you can't choose Bella. It's become way popular. Believe me. I work at a pregnancy center.

I vote for Jessa or Elliot (and you could call her Ellie!)

Love you! I know your baby girl will be gorgeous!