Restoring the Wonder

of Christmas.

This is the title of Ryan's big project at the church this Christmas season. It's all about bringing back the good things about Christmas, like memories, miracles and the mysterious birth of Jesus. One main part of our Christmas series has included something called "Random Acts of Christmas." It can include almost anything, like paying for the car behind you in the drive through, paying for someone's groceries, or leaving a huge tip for your waitress. We have heard so many wonderful stories already about how God is using his people to bless others this Christmas season. Ryan designed this little card to hand out with the random act. He intentionally didn't include our service hours, but just our church's website in case they do want more information.

After doing a few random acts on our own we aren't sure who is blessed more, the person receiving or the person giving.



I really encourage you to do this on your own. You will be so blessed!


Miller said...

It is an awesome idea! We had the same thing at our church or a talk on it at least. The blessed ones for me are definitely the people that do the blessing. It feels good to know that you have helped someone else, no matter how small the deed.

Christine said...

What a nice card. I think we all need reminding of how we can do things to make Christams a time about relationships instead of gifts.

Sara said...

Yes...I took these to my stores and am anxious too hear back any wonderful stories. I LOVE having my own stores that I can have opportunity to Pray, Praise, Give, and encourage others!!! I am giving mine out this week and hope my staff will as well. LOVE the design RB!! Loved listening to you and Ryan sing together...Wow!!