I meant to post this video a few months ago after we went to Ohio for a friend's wedding. To my great disappointment blogger wouldn't let me upload videos at the time. I found this website called vimeo and I have been uploading all of our recent, or not so recent, videos.

This is an impromptu southern gospel song some guys sang at Paul and Abby's wedding. None of these guys have ever sang as a group together, but they all happened to know the same song. Ryan is singing the melody in the middle and the groom is the bass on his right. Hope you enjoy!

Great Gettin' Up Morning from Amanda Brosious on Vimeo.


Sara said...

Oh my fun to see this. The kids were lovin' it as well and saying: Hey, that's Pastor Ryan singing!!!!"

Wendy B said...

Thanks for posting this, Manda. It's wonderful to see videos. Maybe you could post a video of you, Ryan and Elijah (hint hint!) Love ya and miss ya.

chris c said...

Hi Manda, I agree with Wen. Dedinately need family video WITH manda too! Thank you for your efforts. These videos are womderful. Love ya!