Preparing for Travel

We are starting to get very excited. Next Friday, Amanda and I are leading a Brookings Wesleyan missions trip to San Pedro, Guatemala. We are taking 16 other people from the Worship Arts team. We will be assisting with a huge VBS, passing out shoes to people, and providing music for some evangelistic crusades in the evenings.

I had the chance to do this in 2005, here is a picture.

We will be helping with a program called "Happy Feet". We, as a church, are planning to take 500+ pairs of shoes to distribute in the lake region of Guatemala.

We would really appreciate your prayers! Elijah will be staying in Brookings with his two grandma's. We will be gone for 7 days, and anticipate God to do great things!

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Sara said...

YES YES..we will pray over this amazing opportunity through missions!!!! We still have some more shoes for you at the store also....L and I hope to go next year!!! Safe travels and I know God LOVES to surprise people through mission work. Can't wait to hear all the details. Take Care.