So big...

Elijah's first time in his exersaucer...so cute!


Melodie said...

He certainly looks soo big in his seat. Can't wait to see him in a few weeks.

Love ya & Miss ya!

Wendy B said...

Aaaawwwwww! He's just too cute. He's all eyes. Whenever I show his pictures to people, that's what they say; so cute and all eyes! I hope Mel and I don't trip each other trying to get through your door on September 6th. Grandmas bruise too easily when they fall down! ;o)
Can't wait to see all of you.
Love ya,

Sara said...

too cute! How's the daycare going?

Tom B. said...

Wow! He is so cute. I can't wait to hold and hug and kiss him. I miss all of you very much and can't wait to see you.
FYI- While Wendy and Melodie are fighting to get threw the front door first, Pappy B. will be sneeking in the back door ahead of them. SSHH!!! Don't tell them.