Catching up...

This last week has been a blur of painting, putting Ikea furniture together, scurrying to finish last minute work at my old job, cleaning, playing with Elijah, and not getting enough sleep. I hate that there have been so many days in between my last few blogs. I love sharing our journey with you on this page and I know we will come to cherish it for years. Your comments are so encouraging and really spur me on to post more often.
Here are some things we have been up to all week.
Thursday- Sara and Maddie came to hang out when the hubbies were at praise team rehearsal. Maddie is such a good mommy...she loves to change diapers :)!

Friday-Saturday-We woke up very early Saturday morning to a little visitor in our room. I had just come back from my middle-of-the-night feeding with Eli and had settled into bed. Now I have been known to "hear" things and get scared over our ice machine emptying downstairs. So the first time I heard rustling near the trash can I chose to ignore it...same with the second sound near the door. Just to make sure, I looked up at the ceiling and watched the shadow of the fan. Swoop swoop swoop, then an unusually long shadow. Oh, it must have just been my eyes playing tricks on me. So I watched it happen one more time before turning on my lamp and screaming bloody murder "Ryan there's a BAT!!" So our day started at 4:30 (well, mine started at 4:00). We spent a good hour making our plan of attack. By the time Ryan worked up the courage to capture the winged creature it was no where to be found. (this picture was taken Saturday night of another bat found in between our front doors)

We had already planned a trip to the cities (what people around here call going to Minneapolis or St. Paul...I feel like we live in the middle of nowhere) so we decided to start the day at 6:00. My coworker used to make fun of me saying I didn't know that 6 o'clock came twice in one day. I'll admit I'm not much of a morning person, but our trip this morning was amazing. We saw a beautiful sunrise break through the morning fog, and we saw hundreds and hundreds of windmills. The picture doesn't do justice to what we saw in person.

We spent two crazy hours at Ikea, finding the cutest things for our new daycare (I'll put pictures up soon). We headed to the Mall of America, fashioned our own weird stroller (it was safe:), nursed the baby on a bench next to an unknowing stranger (while Ryan bought 3 dvds for $16), bought 6 pieces of Lindt chocolate, got a Starbucks water bottle, rode the elevator a bijillion times, ate in a crowded food court, looked at baby clothes (but resisted my weakness), received a cute nursing shirt from Ryan (for our two year anniversary), left early and got lost on the way home. We ended up going 40 miles out of the way and found ourselves on dirt roads in the middle of tall cornfields (kind of reminded me of a horror movie). Overall it was a great day.
My boys were tired.

Tuesday- Ryan and I celebrated our second anniversary!! Not before locking our keys in the house and waiting 30 minutes for a locksmith (not two mention $30 down the drain). We played frisbee golf and went to Applebee's for supper. Elijah was with his pal Grace. Ryan gave me these beautiful flowers.

So tired from putting all the furniture together :)

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Wendy B said...

Hi Manda,

Thanks so much for adding the new stuff! Elijah is growing and changing so much. Don't forget to post pictures of yourself. I enjoy seeing all 3 of you here. Sounds like the last few weeks have been a real whirlwind for you. You're in my prayers (of course!) and you have all my love. Miss you like crazy!