Tasks for Tuesday...

1. Paint my nails
2. Put the laundry away
3. Have some good tummy time with Eli
4. Paint the bathroom
5. Finish baby shower "thank you" notes

* Ryan is in Austin, Texas for a Worship Leaders Conference. I'm thinking I will be lucky to get one of these things done tonight. Cindee (our church secretary) has volunteered to take Elijah a night this week...so hopefully I can get a few things done before Ryan gets home. Seriously, it's pretty sad that I haven't finished thank yous from 5 months ago!! I'm the worst!

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Wendy B said...

My dear, sweet Manda,
I wish I could be there. You know how grandmas are, we LOVE to see that mommies get some time to themselves!!!! Pappy and I are working on it.
Love ya bunches,