Good morning sunshine

Elijah has established a pretty good schedule this past week. We go to sleep around ten, wake up at 3 to eat and go back to sleep. Then we wake up again at 6, and then this time he doesn't want to go back to sleep.

He likes to lay in his crib and look up at the animals on his wall or look at the animals on his bumper pad. We are starting this kid out early on the morning he has this fun little CD that I play while he laughs and looks around in his crib. Then around 6:30 he cries for me to come get him and he sleeps in bed with me for another hour. It's the best of both worlds....we are able to have the bed to ourselves at night...but some snuggle time in the morning.


Jennisa said...

His room is so adorable! Love his crib set too! :)

It is hard having them all to yourself. I know what you mean. You love them SO much, but wouldn't it be nice to have 5 minutes, or golly, even 10 minutes, to just be "Amanda"? Hopefully you got some alone time when your hubby came home! :)

Wendy B said...

Wow! That kid is cute! And I'm sure I'm not biased or anything. Love you all.

Sara said...

Seriously, I can't wait to see you this week and just love on Elijah too. We have and are continuing to collect Happy Feet shoes for the missions trip at PK. SO happy you asked and thought of us. I LOVE doing this stuff!