Daddy's coming home!!

Ryan has been out at camp this past week. He left last Friday morning and he's getting back this afternoon. Wow, I never thought I could miss someone so much! I had a laundry list of several chores and projects I wanted to get done while I had the house to myself. But after many sleepless nights I went into survival mode...just trying to keep dishes under control and babies clothes, blankets, burpclothes, etc. picked up off the floor. I now have a much greater respect for single moms! Elijah comes to work with me all day and then we spend the entire night together. Don't get me wrong....I cherish my time with him, but a crying baby for a whole straight week (with no relief) can get to your nerves. But thankfully Ryan is getting back in a few hours and I'm assuming he's going to have some good father/son bonding time :).

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Wendy B said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I miss him too; and you, and Elijah. :o(