Thankful Thursday

Thanking God for-

-a group of girls I can go to for laughs, Truth, understanding, and fun

-the promise of warmer weather, even with all of this rain

-the God given strength to continue with my healthy eating plan

-an amazing week with my incredible sister. She is such a blessing to me, plus my kids LOVE her!

-a husband who is hardworking and passionate about what he does

I want to encourage you to think of the things you are thankful for today. It is so easy to dwell in the negative. I have found that one complaint breeds another and before I know it I've got myself in a nasty mood. The more I surround myself with uplifting thoughts the more joyful I feel. So today I encourage you to extinguish the negative by voicing the positive!

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Rachel said...

Yes! I am so thankful for you. :) I am going to go post what else I'm thankful for now!