Elliot is 8 months!!

This post is coming a little late, but it's too important to wait until next month to hear all of Elle's milestones!

Elliot you are 8 months!! You are such a bright and cheerful baby. Everywhere we go people have to tell me how beautiful your eyes are. You continue to be a very calm and sweet baby. You are gentle and love to cuddle. We are having such a fun time listening to all of your new sounds. You are already saying Mama (and you mean it), Dada, Nana, and sounding out T's, S's and many others. You like to "sing" and love listening to yourself!

You started crawling one week before your 7 month birthday. You are now a professional! Getting into everything you can get your little paws on. Your favorite thing to go for is the DVD player and Daddy isn't liking that so much. You also like to get into Mommy's dishes under the dining room cabinet.

You are pulling yourself up like a champ and cruising around all the furniture. I often find you playing with your toys while kneeling (you think you are big stuff)! You stand on your own for about 10 seconds before losing your balance. Daddy predicts that you will be walking by November 22 and Mommy has predicted December 12.

You are still wearing your 6-12 month clothes and many of them are still to long for you. You are our little princess. You weigh around 16.5 pounds and are wearing size 3 diapers. We have finally found a baby food that you enjoy, green beans! You typically drink about 5 bottles and eat half a baby food a day. We are so thankful that you are healthy and growing little Elle Belle.

Love you!

Mommy and Daddy

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