This little lady

is three months today!

I can't believe how fast you are growing Elliot! You are changing and developing more personality every day. You are a very smiley girl. We love to hear you coo and try to talk. You are rolling from your stomach to your back (which is a lot earlier than your big brother did it), sitting proud in your bumbo chair, and picking your head up off the ground during tummy time. You can still fit into some 0-3 month clothes but can also wear your 3 months outfits. You are mama's little dolly. You smile when I get you dressed and I love that you like clothes as much as I do (ha)! You never spit up, but have ruined a few outfits by making messes of another kind. :) You are very interested in what is going on around you and your Mimi and Nanny like to say that you are very nosy. I think it is so cute. You are sleeping very well and just waking once in the night to eat. You are eating about 3 ounces every 3 hours. Mama wants to remember every detail because it is going way too fast little girl!!

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