Christmas Recap: Part One

The Friday before Christmas we packed up our bags and drove seven hours to my mom and dad’s. Ryan hadn’t seen them since we stopped by on our way through while we were moving from SD to PA. It was a nice reunion. Saturday we baked cut out cookies and good friends came over for supper. Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to head out for a 3 day trip to Wisconsin. An hour from our destination my parent's van broke down. As it happened to be a Sunday, everything was closed (nothing was open to even take a look at the van). We ended up spending two hours in a bar keeping the baby warm and met some nice strangers who gave my dad and Ryan a lift to the nearest car rental place. Thankfully our trip was only put on hold for a few hours and we made it safe and sound (but with one crabby toddler) to the Wisconsin Dells.

We spent the next three days with some of the best friends in the world. Lots of eating, playing games, talking late into the night, and checking out the water parks. It was so fun to see Elijah and Grace back together again. Grace would take Elijah’s hand in hers and lead him all around. They also had a lot of fun learning dance moves from each other. Elijah got a real kick out of the water parks...he is such a water baby! He loves exploring on his own and doesn’t even mind being put under the water. Next summer we’ll have to spend lots of time in Grandma and Grandpa’s pool!

Our Swedish Friends!!

The Pregnant Mommas! (Lori is due just a few weeks after me)

The babes waiting patiently on the way to the waterpark.

Not sure what he is doing here.

I don't think I want to know what Grace is doing.

They played so nicely together!

We miss them already!!

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