Sorry I have been so absent minded about posting lately. We have been up to a lot...but my computer is out of storage space, so no more room for new pictures. I have also been horrible about taking pictures lately. I looked at my camera the other day and realized it has been an entire month since I have taken Elijah's picture. Hopefully I will get around to taking some good pictures and videos soon because he is doing so many new and cute things. He is 5 days short of 14 months and he loves to run, throw things, put things back together, throw tantrums :), sing, dance and climb.

Here is something to tide you over until I get something worked out with my computer.

Our friend Evan (holding Elijah in the first picture) moved to Tennessee and last week we had a party for him. A friend took these pictures and put them on her facebook page for me to enjoy. :)

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Love Mom said...

I have been to your beautiful town several times in the last few years. My oldest son moved to KC, Mo and Brookings has become a must-do stop for us each and every time!

It was nice to stop by here and read a bit about you.
(Found you through MckMama's blog)