Elijah, I can't believe you are a whole year old! It seems like only yesterday that I heard your first cry as you entered this world. You have been such a complete blessing to me and your daddy. We love you more than words can describe. You do more and more everyday. Right now you:

-are walking and standing up on your own
-are saying "mama" and "dada" (and we think you can say "hi")
-love to find cords (and try to take the plug protectors out)
-like to cuddle and give kisses
-are independent and love to play with your toys
-are constantly trying to get into the trash or toilet (you even dropped Grandma's phone in the toilet)
-sleep through the night (but wake up as soon as the sun rises)
-are eating better now. You love your vegetables and you hate sweets (except ice-cream)
-you love to clap and wave your arms up and down.
-you have no fear of falling.
-you have the cutest most charming smile. :)

Elijah's first year from Amanda Brosious on Vimeo.

We love you Elijah! We love watching you grow and can't wait to spend this next year with you!


Anonymous said...

wow that was the cutest video i have ever seen! :] i miss you guys so much... and Elijah is so BIG! i can't wait to see you guys again

Ela Says: said...

Your little man is so adorable!!!