Relief in sight...

Our lives have been pretty crazy here the last few weeks. Elijah is on his 4th round of antibiotics for ear infections. It has finally culminated into getting tubes put in his ears. I'm so nervous to see him go through surgery at such a young age....but it's been so hard seeing him in this much pain. For the most part he is happy (during the day when he is up and playing) but when he lays down he is in excruciating pain. He doesn't sleep much at night which means we don't get much sleep either. Please pray for us this Friday as Elijah has to get put under general anesthesia (there can always be complications).

Hopefully this explains why our posts have been few and far between. We are praying that this surgery will allow Elijah to have no pain and hopefully increase his appetite.


Sara said...

Definately...Maddie wants to bring him a special surprise on Friday!!
I completely understand about your anxiety as Ben had 5 surgeries so far....most were when he was a little guy....oh, I sure know how you are feeling. The tubes will surely help, and the surgery is so quick also. We will be praying. This should make Elijah feel so much better and eat again for sure!

Miller said...

Everything is going to be fine! It is an everyday procedure for the doctors that perform these ops. It will help him feel better and make yor lives a little more pleasant.

I'll be thinking of you all though on Friday, and you'll definitely be in my prayers. All the best!