One of those moms...

So I hope I don't come across as one of those moms. You the ones....they put their kids in a bunch of beauty pageants, spray tan their babies, and seem to only care about their children's looks. I love Elijah for so much more than his cute face, he is such a beautiful blessing to me (and I know his Grandparents feel the same).

So after all of that...I am asking you to vote one more time for Elijah, but in a different contest. My friend Sara is combining her two stores together and asked me to bring Elijah in to get his picture taken for the new store. I had no idea it was a contest, but it turns out it is. The winner in each category gets to have his picture blown up and featured in her store plus a free photo session with the amazing photographer. I know last times contest had a confusing voting system, but this one is a lot simpler. Please take just a few seconds and vote! I would love to have a photo session with this photographer she is amazing!! Just click here and it will take you to Jael's (the photographer) website. Thanks so much!!

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Miller said...

How can you not vote for him??????
I've voted... Good luck!

Adam is about a month older than Elijah, his birthday is the 12th March. We have had not too many bumps yet, but he is cruising all over the house! Where there is silence there is trouble!

Thanks for the response about the running, it helps keep me motivated.