It's official...

Our nine month old is under the third percentile for his weight! On his nine month birthday daddy took him in for his well baby checkup and he weighed in at a mere 15 pounds 7 oz. Only one pound more than his six month check up...three whole months ago!! We asked that he get tested for overactive thyroid since he is also having problems sleeping. Our wonderful doc is on maternity leave, so our sub doc told us to wait off for another 6 weeks on the testing. If he hasn't gained significant weight by the 18th of next month we are looking at all sorts of testing. To make matters worse, Elijah has had an ear infection that won't seem to go away...making his eating habits very poor. His hopes of gaining significant weight here soon aren't looking good. We have him on a high protein diet and are only hoping for the best. Pray that it works and he starts putting on the pounds! :)

His other measurements are looking good!

Height: 27 3/4 inches (25-50%)
Head: 17 3/4 inches (25-50%)

He's pretty average with all of his other measurements....poor skinny guy!!

You would never know he was small for his age! He is definitey our little mover, on the go all the time. Right now his favorite thing is paper...go figure. I guess we'll save on toys for awhile!


Sara said...

HI. Missed you Monday morning. I won't be going on Tues as we had a very long day/night at the studios. I hope to go Wed/Fri though. We will be praying over Elijah for sure and you KNOW Maddie is my little prayer warrior?
I do hope that he can start eating more soon also and that the Dr.'s will find out the reason for you. Hang in there. It's hard, I know.

Miller said...

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. He will be fine. Sometimes they don't gain as much weight because they are more active, or perhaps his metabolism is quick. The ear infection won't help much, and it is teething time. All of these things could be contributing factors. I'm sure he is going to be just fine!