Not Me...

One of my favorite blogs has started her very own "Not Me" Monday. Give it a try it is sooo liberating :).

I did not walk around the house with my pants unbuttoned last night because I still can’t fit (comfortably) into my pre-pregnancy clothes....5 months later.

I did not come downstairs, check MckMama’s blog and eat cheese puffs at 2ish last night when I couldn’t sleep, what kind of crazy would do such a thing ?

I did not eat an egg roll and fries for lunch yesterday...I would never eat like that!

I did not start drinking raw milk just because MckMama says so (and of course all the research says so too)

I did not put 6-12 month pajamas on my 5 month old son last night (even though they are way too big) just because they are sooo cute....who would do that, they are just clothes!

I did not let Elijah put his hands in his mouth and proceed to spread baby food to every part of his body- just because I don’t want to be one of those moms.


Anonymous said...

I didn't totally go to MY kitchen at 3 am and eat cheese and drink milk and then check my OWN blog. Nope.

Great list! Thanks for participating!!

becca said...

Thanks for the comment on my post! And your post was cute as well! :)

My son's full name is Elijah...we just call him Eli for short. Great name, eh? Is Elijah your first child?