We've Been Busy!!

Still Working On Our Tummy Time

My Family Came For A Week
Mom and Sis

Love His Laugh!

First Trip To the Pool

Time Went Too Fast...

Workin Hard For Our Money

My Hungry Face


Jennisa said...

He is just SOOOO very cute! His big ol' eyes....good grief he is cute! It's so nice when the family comes to visit. Makes you wish they lived closer, doesn't it? I know what it's like! :)

So, we NEED to get together! Enough talking about it...let's DO it!

Sara said...

Cute pictures, oh my. Can you say CUTE enough times around that baby? Don't think so. Ah, wish I knew your family was here, would loved to have seen your mom and dad again....I'm sure we could have shared some great dessert also....hee hee. Next time, for sure! Talk soon.