Jesus loves me this I know...

This is where Elijah hangs out during his quiet/happy times of my work day. This video isn't too exciting...but pictures don't always do him justice. He's just too cute :). Plus I think Aunt B gave him the cute onsie he's wearing.


Wendy B said...

Wow! Elijah has grown! And it's so neat to see him reaching for toys and playing. That's my grandson! How wonderful! Thanks again, Manda for posting these pictures and the video. We miss you so much and these help. Some pictures/videos of you and Ryan would be great too!
Love ya,

Tom B. said...

Wow! He is so cute. I miss him so much. Thank you so much Amanda for setting this up. I really miss all of you very much. I've been praying for his first flight.

Love ya,

Tom B.

chris c said...

Oh Amanda, thanks so much for this wonderful video. it is so helpful for us to see pictures, etc. I appreciate your taking your valuable time to do the posting. Somehow it makes us feel closer. Thanks, Honey. Love you all.