A heavy heart...

My heart is filled with sadness. The old saying "when it rains it pours" rings true for me today. I am overwhelmed by so many tragic situations. The one that hits closest to home happened just a few short hours ago. A young couple from our church just dedicated their son a month ago. This afternoon the young wife watched as her husband was taken off life support and died only 30 minutes later. Alan was only 27. Oh how my heart goes out to this brave woman who must now bury her husband, and little Andersen who will now grow up never knowing the joy of his father.
"Lord may I never for one minute take Ryan for granted....this life is frail and fleeting and at any moment it could be taken from us. I pray that your all surpassing peace would wrap around Tiffany this minute as you hold her in your arms. Catch her tears as they fall and let her be overwhelmed by your love. I pray that she would allow herself to grieve yet still take joy in watching her son grow. Let her delight in the bittersweet moments when Andersen reminds her of Alan. Watch over this broken, hurting family."

If you think of it send up a prayer for Tiffany and her family...also to see the other situations I referred to go to my friends blog here. Or click on the button to the right.


Wendy B said...

This is one of those things we can't fully understand on this side of heaven, isn't it? I am and will be praying for Tiffany and Anderson.
Until Jesus returns,

Sara said...

Oh my goodness. I didn't know this couple, how terrible tragic...let's get together and I want to know the whole story. How sad.